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Beimel Baseball Testimonials

Mike Beimel has made a major difference in Chelsea’s hitting. Prior to working with Mike, Chelsea was rarely used in the batting lineup. Mike’s coaching gave her the confidence and techniques she needed to make her a major contributor for her team. In 2012, Chelsea led her team with 25 RBIs, an unofficial school record. Her batting average was .480 and her on-base percentage was .560. She was named offensive player of the year for her team; as well as a district 9 softball all-star for the Northern Allegheny League. We believe Mike made a difference in her dramatic improvement.

Shelander Family

I just wanted to “Thank you” for all your effort you put into the baseball team this season and for your continued help with Patrick. You picked him up and encouraged him the entire season. He had a lot of fun and really made improvements to his game. You are a big reason that he continues to strive to get better each day.

I wanted to say this before too much time passed. Also, sometimes all people point out the negatives and I wanted to say that you make such a big difference in a lot of young kids (adults) lives.

Thank you from myself, Clare but especially Patrick.

Jude Hoffman

…those kids work their butts off and LOVE IT!! Your enthusiasm and zest for life are contagious! Thankful for all you do for the kids!

Crystal Garthwaite

Mike I really need to tell you that you have done a great thing for this community..you gave the place to the kids so they can learn, get better and be healthy…thanks Beimel Baseball!!!

Jill Zelinski Price

Good morning Mike, do you know what Daulton was most excited about for his triple? You were there. LOL

Daryl Bauer

Tori hit a line drive off the fence last night, so whatever you are doing must be working!!!

Russ From Smethport

Your ability to get kids to believe in themselves not only helps them hit a baseball but carries over into other aspects of their lives. You should be very proud of the work that your doing.

D. Schneider

You are a true asset for the league, and thanks to you, the future keeps getting brighter for SM baseball!

J. Werner

…my family owes you a “Thank You”. Without you Mike Beimel, RJ would not be a part of this wonderful organization you welcomed him into. RJ has learned more in the past several months than he has in the past 8 -9 years of playing baseball. Now for RJ its not about, well my position is X, its I play for Beimel baseball / Canes. You don’t only teach the fundamentals of the game, you teach respect, honor, courage and discipline.

I often get told about RJ not playing football anymore and my reply is RJ’s heart is in baseball…..then I get told football you are more of a family and will most likely play more in football and I say not when you play for Mike Beimel, that is a true family. This team is a true family and I am very proud to say my son is a part of it.

You should be very proud of what you have built, what you have taught these boys, what these boys will become because of you!! Thank you very much Mike!

Angie Johnston

Just wanted to let you know, I thought hitting boot camp was awesome! The kids loved it and they were very happy with the way they played and they are excited about baseball starting. I couldn’t believe the response I got from them.

Daryl Bauer

Two jacks tonight and one truck window!!! 6 RBI

Russ Transue (Tori's Dad)